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About the models

We have your Gas Scooter needs covered with only the best available brands and models.

Check out the goped trail ripper, it is not to be missed - this baby was born for the rough stuff with a full 6 " of suspension travel and with its high output 46cc 4 port engine it has power to spare for some serious trail ridding.
If scooter racing is more your scene or just have the need for speed then you are gonna love the GSR46R and GTR46i Interceptor race scooters, these are the fastest in class and are purpose built with all the best available parts and equipment.
Maybe you need a gas-scooter with electric start at a great price then you really have to see the latest from X-treme. The new signature series are an excellent addition and the XG-550 is the least expensive model with electric start on the market at under $600.
We even have a nice selection of starter scooters for beginning riders and big kids in your family, these include the goped GSR Cruiser and EVO RX Big and Dirt Dog, each of these is the best entry level model with large tires in their respective price range.
The original goped sport and the newer GSR sport share a super economical and quiet gas engine which your neighbors will really appreciate.
The new scooterX dirt dog gas scooter is our all time favorite budget scooter, its made as well if not better than some more costly scooters and is definitely a steal with its oversized 49cc 2 stroke power plant and knobby tires for superior off-road handling.
Yes there's even a couple more great bikes, the Goped Riot is the ultimate trail moto and the new GTR46i Interceptor which is the perfect cross between the trail ripper and the super GSR46R performance scooter for the ultimate street scooter ever made.

SDscooters Also has the largest selection of custom parts for all your scooter building projects and a full selection of gas scooter parts, Performance Parts, and Racing Stage kits anywhere! We are the best mini motor sports store on the net.

Gas Scooter Buying Guide / Advice

Here At SDscooters we are often asked for recommendations by our customers and would like to offer our experience to you.
For any gas powered scooter there are a few basics you need to understand when considering purchasing one. First and foremost they require setup and maintenance. In other words mechanical ability and tools. If you don't like to or want to work on your purchase and don't have a neighbor or willing helper, then stop, you shouldn't buy one. These definitely require getting your hands dirty. For any model made in china and we highly recommend you go over it with a qualified mechanic before riding to ensure it is setup/ assembled correctly. If you are on the fence so to speak maybe an American made gas scooter or electric scooter would be a better choice because they are easier to setup and maintain.
Ok, You have made it this far and think you might be able to keep it running, great. Technically speaking they are no different from maintaining a Dirt Bike or ATV, if you can keep one of those running in top shape then you can probably handle one of these. A few more things to consider are durability, ease of maintenance, parts availability and vendor and/or manufacturer support. Durability - we find this varies greatly between models, manufacturers and country of origin. In general, the higher priced the model is, the better put together and quality of components it will have. Same goes for ease of maintenance, if its well engineered it will be easier to work on. Warranty - most scooter manufacturers offer a limited parts warranty. What is this you ask? Simple, parts are sent to you and you are required to install them. Yes you are the mechanic. Other warranty requirements might include disassembly and inspection, supplying pictures of damaged parts, taking measurements, returning damaged parts, or other mechanical or electric tests. Still interested? Excellent, you should enjoy owning a gas scooter. Have questions? Make sure to contact us or the manufacturer for expert advice.

Quick Comparison of recent scooters

  brand model                                                            engine hp top speed seat option shock start type Warranty Available origin MSRP 2013 quality
  • best value scooter
  • new 49cc ePA engine
  • folds for easy storage
50cc 2.0 25 option no pull 30 day



china $469 6
EVO Evo 2X Big
  • Newest Scooter 2012
  • 50cc largest
  • 2 speed transmission!
50cc 2.0 35 yes yes pull 30 day Yes china $569 5
go-ped Sport
  • Where It All Began
  • goped spindle drive
  • performance GPL290
29.5cc 2.5 20 option no pull / kick 90 day Yes usa $519 9
go-ped GSR Sport
  • Sport Go Speed Racer
  • automatic clutch drive
  • super tough frame
29.5cc 2.5 21 option no pull 90 day Yes usa $669 9
go-ped GSR Cruiser
  • superior first scooter
  • super economical transport
  • proudly made in the USA!
29cc 2.5 30 option no pull 90 day Yes usa $779 9
go-ped Super GSR46R
  • Fastest Gas Powered Scooter Made
  • purpose built for racing
  • all the best available components
45.7cc 4.5 30+ option no pull 90 day Yes usa $975 9
go-ped GTR46i Interceptor
  • Fastest Full Suspension Scooter Ever
  • Dual Sport Tires
  • powerful 4.5hp engine
45.7cc 4.5 30+ option yes pull 90 day Yes usa $1289 9
go-ped Trail Ripper
  • Awesome Off road Fun
  • hottest gas scooter ever made
  • extreme riders choice
45.7cc 4.5 30 option yes pull 90 day Yes usa $1289 9
go-ped Riot
  • Super Cool Off Road Bike
  • choice of two engines
  • excellent performance
45.7cc 4.5 30 option yes pull 90 day Yes usa $1289 9
scooterx Dirt Dog
  • all new for 2012
  • 49cc EPA engine
  • best "cheap" scooter ever
49cc 2.0 30 option no pull 30 day Yes china $429 6
scooterx X Racer
  • scooterX favorite
  • powerful 49cc engine
  • least expensive scooter we offer
49cc 2.0 30 option no pull 30 day Yes china $429 6
x-treme XG-550
  • Front Suspension
  • 50cc engine
  • electric starter
49cc 2.0 30 option yes electric / pull 30 day No china $499 5

Important Notes:

  • Please make sure to call us after making your purchase - we like to go over your order with you to confirm the warranty terms and to make sure its the best selection for you - your order will not ship until this conversation has taken place.
  • Mechanical aptitude is required for all gas powered scooters.
  • Shipping applies to optional and free items.
  • Please wear protective gear and ride safely.
  • Read our purchase agreement here, it is for your protection

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