sd Cable Adjustment
Cable Adjustment

Cable Adjustment

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Instructions are below the image


cable adjustment

A - lock nut
B - cable holder - aka cable end holder - barrel nut
C - cable mount bracket / throttle handle / brake handle
D - idle speed screw - aka idle speed adjustment screw
E - throttle stop - (its part of the throttle body)
F - cable tip holder - aka cable seat

* First familiarize yourself with the location of the parts listed above and their names
* Make sure the cable is properly seated (in A) [compare fig 1 & 2 at arrow 2 is correct] - do this on both the carburetor/brake cable bracket and the lever
* Make sure the throttle/brake lever has returned completely - there is no gap between the lever and mount
* Loosen the lock nut and screw the cable holders all the way in [at both ends of the cable] (fig 3)
* Start engine and adjust idle speed (screw D) (fig 7 & 8) make sure (D) is touching (E) - if (E) is not returning all the way see (1a) below
* Loosen lock nut (A) and unscrew cable holder (B) until cable is tight (fig 2) at carburetor cable holder/ brake cable holder [cable is tight when the lever is correctly positioned, the speed adjustment screw is still touching (E) and there is no excessive play]
* Tighten lock nuts (fig 5 & 6)
* Test the feel, the lever should have a minimum amount of travel before actuating the brake/carburetor.
Note: if the cable feels like it is dragging or doesn't have smooth action check for kinks and tight bends. if its bent you will need to replace it, if there are tight bends try rerouting the cable so there is routed smoothly. you will also want to lube the cable with cable lube

Note: it is best to make initial adjustments at the carburetor/ caliper cable stops and use the lever adjustment point for fine tuning later on. both of the adjustment points work the same way, its usually easier to make fine or periodic adjustments on the levers.

1a - clean the carburetor and/or try installing a helper spring over the cable between the cable tip holder and the cable mount bracket
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